Case Study

The Architect Magazine has published an extensive piece on the CHUM project and Cannon’s use of technology innovation to make the project successful.

“In addition to Revit, the team made extensive use of CodeBook, a database application tailored to capture and manage healthcare room and equipment requirements. In CodeBook, users can identify key or “exemplar” rooms, like exam, operating, and patient rooms, that then become templates, allowing the designers and medical planners to work out the requirements of each room type with the specific CHUM user group, and then apply these requirements to all corresponding rooms. CannonDesign estimates that Codebook cut the time needed to populate the model by half, as compared to manual input. Likewise, because healthcare technologies are rapidly evolving, an upgrade in room equipment can be pushed to all 442 exam rooms, 39 operating rooms, and 772 single-bed patient rooms with a single click.”


The full article can be found here – Tackling North America’s Largest Healthcare Project in Seven Steps –