With CodeBook you will

 manage the Information of your BIM

easier, faster and better.


CodeBook has successfully helped clients

manage building data for over 25 years

 Global Usage and Support

Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa


Comprehensive Suite of Functionality

Desktop – Server – Cloud


Meeting the varied demands of projects

large and small and from many sectors


Hospitals, Airports, Laboratories, Universities

Schools, Medical Centres, Refurbishment Projects


What can CodeBook do for you?


Schedule of Accommodation

Fixtures Furniture and Equipment

Room Data Collection

Validation of Design Models

Reports and Schedules

Asset Data and Compliance


Useful at all stages of a project

inception – design – construction - commissioning

or for a single task or project  stage


Why is CodeBook better than other options?


  • Vendor Independent Project Data

                - data is held by user, and not under control

                       of third party

  • Fixed Costs

                - price not affected by project size

                - no limit on number of projects

  • Agile Development

                - extremely responsive to user needs

                - new functionality is user driven

  • Open Data Sources

                -  data location, structure and naming

                    conventions   make it easy to directly

                    link with other data sources

  • Robust Link Fully Integrated with Revit

                -  consistent data repository

                -  links not dependent on vulnerable

                    excel files

  • Fully Customisable Interfaces

                - easily customised by user, not just vendor

                - all terminology can be edited

                - data fields can be added and removed 

  • Comprehensive Functionality

                -  simplified interfaces for initial use

                -  sophisticated options for advanced users

                -  does not sacrifice functionality to


                -  many capabilities that may not be fully

                     appreciated at first, but will be invaluable