Basic CodeBook Training (theory)

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11 students enrolled

In this basic CodeBook training we are going to cover day to day use of the Codebook PRD software. The goal of this training session is to take a new user to CodeBook and introduce them to the application, workflow and principles of the software at a practical level.

Note* for best results the CodeBook Revit Sample Training Project should be pre-loaded on to the SQL server or created as an access database.

See for an overview of this process


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    • Opening a CodeBook Project
    • Room Creation
    • Room Creation Video
    • Room Creation Quiz
    • Linking Rooms/Spaces
    • Linking Rooms/Spaces Video
    • Linking Rooms/Spaces Quiz
    • Synchronising Rooms/Spaces
    • Synchronising Rooms/Spaces Review
    • Synchronising Rooms/Spaces Quiz
    • Room Editor
    • Room Editor Video
    • Using the Room Editor Quiz
    • Room Data Templates
    • Room Data Video
    • Room Data Templates Quiz
    • Equipment Library/Equipment Requirements/Placements
    • Equipment Library/Equipment Requirements/Placements Video
    • Equipment Library/Equipment Requirements/Placements Quiz
    • Reporting
    • Reporting Review Video
    • C-Sheets basic training
    • C-Sheets Basic Training Video
    • C-Sheets Quiz