Basic CodeBook Training (Practical)


16 students enrolled

In this basic CodeBook training we are going to cover day to day use of the Codebook PRD software. The goal of this training session is to take a new user to CodeBook and introduce them to the application, workflow and principles of the software at a practical level.

This is a practical session so please have CodeBook and Revit fully installed. Note* for best results the CodeBook Revit Sample Training Project should be pre-loaded on to the SQL server or created as an access database.

The loading of this data will be shown in the first part of the training session however please be sure that the SQL server settings have been setup pre this practical session. 


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    • Opening a CodeBook Project practical
    • Opening a CodeBook Project Task Video
    • Opening a CodeBook project task
    • Room Creation practical
    • Room Creation Video practical
    • Room Creation Quiz – Practical
    • Room Creation Task
    • Linking Rooms/Spaces practical
    • Linking Rooms/Spaces Video practical
    • Linking Rooms/Spaces Quiz – Practical
    • Linking Rooms/Spaces Task
    • Synchronising Rooms/Spaces practical
    • Synchronising Rooms/Spaces Review practical
    • Synchronising Rooms/Spaces Quiz – Practical
    • Synchronising Rooms/Spaces task
    • Room Editor practical
    • Room Editor Video practical
    • Using the Room Editor Quiz – Practical
    • Using the Room Editor task
    • Room Data Templates Practical
    • Room Data Templates Video Practical
    • Room Data Templates Quiz – Practical
    • Room Data Templates practical task
    • Equipment Library/Equipment Requirements/Placements practical
    • Equipment Library/Equipment Requirements/Placements Video practical
    • Equipment Library/Equipment Requirements/Placements Quiz – Practical
    • Equipment Library/Equipment Requirements/Placements task
    • Reporting practical
    • Reporting Review Video practical
    • Reporting task
    • C-Sheets basic training practical
    • C-Sheets Basic Training Video practical
    • C-Sheets Quiz – Practical
    • C-Sheets task