The Team

Peter Mann
Chief technology officer, Peter Mann is the CodeBook visionary and development leader, supported by a wider group of committed professionals. He takes an active role in the user community, to ensure CodeBook continues to evolve to meet their changing requirements.
Cyril Verley
Cyril Verley was appointed chief operating officer of CodeBook Solutions Inc. Cyril has been practising architecture since 1985 and since 2000 has been focused on Revit and CodeBook services.
Tessa Kingsbury
Tessa Kingsbury established Brisbane-based CodeBook Connect in 2006 to support the Australian CodeBook community and provide a link to its extended family in the UK, Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

CodeBook - The Company



Working on major projects in the 1980s, Chartered Architect Peter Mann was eager to use computers to help ensure consistency of output and to reduce time spent manually drawing repetitive room designs. Initially, using some of the then latest computing technology he created a library of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and detailed 1:50 layouts for hospital projects.

The arrival of personal computers, spreadsheets, databases and the compound increase in computer power and capacity meant that now textual elements could be linked to graphics and designs could be automatically checked against project requirements.

In 1993, Peter launched the first version of CodeBook – a model for a building that would contain all its information, from the originating brief to the day-to-day operational management of the completed, occupied structure. Since then, and benefitting from customer feedback and from the inputs of fellow architects and other industry professionals, CodeBook has evolved into the sophisticated whole-life solution it is today.

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CodeBook is currently being used by 1000s of designers and fellow professionals in 100s of organisations, ranging from architectural practices to the owners and operators of complex buildings.